Musically Inspired Candles

Light a Vibe


Scents + Sounds

Relax and let our exclusive scents (inspired by the music we love) bring you to a euphoric state of being. Our candles are double-wicked and hand poured in small batches in Washington, D.C. using a soy and wax blend (paraffin free). From Oakmoss to Jasmine, and Hip Hop to Classical, our inclusive candles are a collab between the music and smells you are sure to love. We hope you enjoy!

Candle No. 01:

The World is Yours

Amber + Sandalwood + Cedar


“Her attitude like a candle, SHE LIT!”


Keep it sensual with notes of spices, sandalwood, and amber. This woody scent has a masculine tone to it with hints of tobacco leaf and cologne. Inspired by Hip Hop music, this scent has a bold, unisex vibe that embodies a smooth, confident feel.

Candle No. 2:

Sweet Life

Sea Salt + Lilac + Jasmine


“Why see the world when you got the beach?”

-Frank Ocean

Let these potent notes of sea salt, lilac, and jasmine take you adrift. This creamy and delicate scent is as SWEET as it gets. Like Rhythm and Blues, this scent is the perfect, soulful a get away.

Candle No. 3:

Flower Bomb

Rose + Vanilla + Floral


“We’re living in a fantasy, I feel it when you dance with me!”


Like an English Garden, this candle contains rose, vanilla, and major floral notes. This fresh scent has an enlightening tone that smells just how it sounds. Inspired by Pop and Dance music, this upbeat scent will revive you emotionally and mentally.